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PAL Airlines Newest Flight Schedules

Phil Airlines- To our dear readers and fellow travelers, Philippine Airlines has opened new flight schedules coming from Clark as the base station. Feel connected to some of the key cities of the country and top tourist destination this summer and the rest of the year. PAL has offered a direct flights to Boracay via Caticlan and Coron via Busuanga. So if you hailed from Clark, Pampanga you will be lucky to enjoy these great flight offerings.


Non-stop flights from Cebu

Pal Airlines: Can't get over with your summer escapade and you're now thinking of your next summer vacation around the world? Well, it's great if you are coming from CEBU as Philippine Airlines has just released a statement of their non-stop flights from the Queen city of the South, Cebu to these cities: Nagoya, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, Osaka and Seoul. How exciting is that?


Pal Promo from Cebu 2017

Philippine Airline Promo: Starting last March 26, 2017, Philippine Airlines has introduced new routes coming from the Queen City of the South, Cebu! The cheapest fare you can get is Php 1300. You can now visit Clark, General Santos, Coron, Puerto Princesa or Surigao. And these are daily flights to you can actually plan your trip at any day at all! But for Clark, it's only four times a week. So keep that in mind as well!

When you travel with PAL, you get free baggage allowance, snacks, meals and a service with a heart. There are a lot of things to do in Clark, talk about hot air balloons and the pampanga cuisine that is famous in our Filipino palate. And if TUNA is your thing, a visit to General Santos city would be appropriate and it's really very affordable when you buy there!

Philippine Airlines' or PAL's 76th Anniversary Sale!

Philippine Airline Promo: What are you waiting for? In line with Philippine Airlines' 76th Anniversary, a seat sale is launched which PAL is happy to announce. Book your flights now at philippineairlines.com You will have the chance to travel to different tourist attraction or perhaps, revisit places you've been to. PAL is hoping that you book your plane fares and write your own stories of adventure. With Philippine Airlines, you get to have free meals while on flight and a baggage allowance along your journey. So you can carry stuffs close to you heart when you travel.

Phil Airlines Summer Travel Essentials for 2017

Philippine Airline Promo: It will be a long day and we will have more sun exposure because it's now the start of SUMMER! Yes, March is here and we can now feel the summer heat. More or less, a lot of us now plans for a summer vacation or staycation, perhaps! But it's nice to really travel and visit some tourist destination that we have never been to! And of course, we should consider stuffs to bring or our travel essentials.



Philippine Airline Promo 2017 from Cebu

Pal Airlines:  This year 2017, Philippine Airlines has launched its new routes coming from Cebu to some select Philippine destinations like Clark, General Santos, Puerto Princesa and Coron (Busuanga). A month after from now, starting March 26, 2017, the new routes will begin its flight. Of course, PAL promises a daily schedule with these domestic destinations. Therefore, Cebuanos will have more options now to fly with PAL and enjoy traveling to places like Pampanga or Palawan.

One can use their Mabuhal miles card to earn points with Philippine Airlines when booking their plane tickets. Enjoy 10kg free baggage allowance, free snacks, ample legroom, and heartfelt service. Plus, get to save on time and other costs as we take you more conveniently around the Philippines and the world via Cebu!