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Reminders of Hong Kong International Airport, GenSan, Cotabato

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Pal Promo Fare: November4, 2019 TRAVEL ADVISORY

Please be advised that the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) has been working with its business partners and public transport operators to implement measures that ensure operations of Airport Express trains but with slight adjustments.

From 11:30PM until close of service from November 4 to 8, Airport Express will only shuttle between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Hong Kong Station. This means airport-bound Airport Express trains will only take passengers from Hong Kong Station to the airport, while city-bound Airport Express trains from the airport will only stop at Hong Kong Station.

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In-town check-in service at Kowloon Station will be suspended from 11:30PM today until close of service, while in-town check-in service at Hong Kong Station will remain normal.

PAL Promo Fare at Php 299 for October

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Pal Promo Fare: It is October and it is time for Philippine Airlines' October Treats! Promo fares available for both domestic (as low as Php 299) and international (as low as USD 89). This is something we shouldn't miss especially that we are now hitting the last quarter of the year. It means, a slim chance to book a cheaper fare.  Go ahead, don't skip PAL's latest treats. Whether domestic or international, we're sure you'll find the best seats.

Book now via www.philippineairlines.com

Booking Period: October 10-October 16, 2019 except JP/CN/HKG October 14-20, 2019

International Travel Period: October 21-December 31, 2019

Domestic Travel Period: October 10-December 25, 2019

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Find out how you can buy PAL tickets without using a credit card.

PAL Promo Fare Php 999 for Domestic flights

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Pal Promo Fare: Here is something that you will go 'gaga' over it! Philippine Airline's newest seat sale is here exclusive for domestic routes. For as low as Php 999 All-in one way fare. We can now fly to our favorite local destinations. There are a number of flights that we can avail before this year ends! You might be thinking to wander in Puerto Princesa and check the Underground river. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world!

EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 29, 2019! Travel from September 23 to December 19, 2019. BOOK NOW!

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There are around 8 domestic routes with the base station from Manila that is currently offered at Php 999 All-in Economy fare. It is the best time now to take advantage of this promo offering with PAL.