PAL’s Airbus fleet uses FAA-mandated airspeed sensors

The entire Airbus fleet of Philippine Airlines (PAL) is equipped with airspeed sensors that are fully compliant with regulations set by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

PAL vice president Arnulfo Agan made the disclosure following a September 3 FAA order mandating all US carriers operating Airbus A340 and A330 aircraft to replace their planes’ airspeed sensors manufactured by Thales, a European electronics firm. The FAA issued the directive amidst suspicions that Thales sensors played a role in the fatal crash of Air France flight AF447 that killed 228 passengers and crew.

“Our passengers can rest assured that the suspected faulty type of airspeed sensors – also known as pitot probe – is not installed in any A330/340 aircraft in the PAL fleet,” said Agan, head of PAL’s Aircraft Engineering Department which oversees the operations of Lufthansa Technik Philippines, PAL’s maintenance service provider.

The flag carrier operates four 264-seater A340-300 and eight 302-seater A330-300. The four-engine A340s are deployed on PAL’s long-haul routes, while the twin-engine A330s serve regional flights. PAL’s Airbus fleet also includes 18 A320s and four A319s.

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