Open to all Union Bank cardholders!

Convert your straight charge Philippine Airlines ticket purchases (single or accumulated) up to a maximum of 36 months regular installment terms and start to pay your FIRST monthly amortization after 3 months.

Promo Period:

Installment may be applied on recent or currently billed transactions on ticket purchases at or any PAL ticket office. Promo period until 31 December 2009.

Promo Details:

Minimum transaction amount is Php3,000.

Fly Now Pay After 3 Months is defined as payment which starts 3 months after transact date. It is applicable to 3 to 36 months installment term.

(mos) Rate Factor Rate
3 1.75% 0.350833
6 1.50% 0.181666
9 1.50% 0.126111
12 1.25% 0.095833
18 1.25% 0.068056
24 2.06% 0.062267
36 2.18% 0.049578

Promo Mechanics:

* Only UnionBank cardholders (Principal & Supplementary) whose accounts are current and in active status are eligible to avail of the promo
* Cardholders may convert their Philippine Airlines ticket straight charge purchases (single or accumulated) charged to their UnionBank Credit Card into installment based on their chosen installment terms
* To avail, cardholder may download and fill out the Online Application Form. Fax signed and completed form to 636-6256 or 634-6186. For further inquiries, call the Union Bank at 981-1616
* Upon accomplishing and signing of the application form, the cardholder authorizes UnionBank to debit the cardholders's credit card account with the monthly installments due of the approved installment plan and amount
* If the cardholder has no sufficient credit limit, UnionBank has the sole discretion to approve only a portion of the amount applied for. In case of rejection of the application, UnionBank has no obligation to notify the cardholder of the said rejection and reason thereof
* The amount applies for should not exceed UnionBank Cardholder's available credit limit
* Retail conversion bookings are subject to cardholder’s available credit limit and UnionBank’s approval
* The monthly installment amount will be reflected as a regular transaction on the cardholder’s credit card account and shall form part of the total outstanding balance in the cardholder’s statement of account
* In case of pre-termination, the cardholder shall pay in full unpaid balances for the remaining months without changes in the add-on interest on the chosen installment term. DTI-NCR Permint No. 4817, Series of 2009

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