PhilippineAirlines: Fare Families

Simpler Choice of PAL Fares for All Types of Travelers

Philippine Airlines is introducing a new concept of fare groupings in its website, to allow passengers to suit their budget and travel needs.

Called Fare Families, the new fare groupings provide for more flexibility in the passenger’s choice of service- before, during and after the flight.

Each group or Fare Family is differentiated by the service offering- Mabuhay Miles credits, free baggage allowance, and fees and charges for changes in bookings and refund.

For Business class, the fare groups are Mabuhay Premium (unrestricted Business class) and Mabuhay Classic (restricted Business class).

Economy class fares are classified into three, with additional variations depending on the routes:

Fiesta Plus (restricted economy), Fiesta Saver (restricted economy with less benefits) and Fiesta Deal- (restricted economy generally non-refundable, non-rebookable, non-reroutable and with lower free baggage allowance of 15 kilos for regional and domestic routes).

To view the benefits of these new Fare Families, visit PAL’s website beginning August 1, 2010.

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