PhilippineAirlines: Honest aircraft cleaner rewarded

News - Honest Aircraft Cleaner

Ronaldo Solanoy, an aircraft cleaner employed by Excellent Workers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, was rewarded by Philippine Airlines for honesty in the workplace.

While cleaning a PAL A330 airplane that landed recently in Manila from Seoul, Solanoy found a pouch belonging to passenger Jang Kin Sun, containing nearly $10,000.

He turned over the money to his superiors and subsequently to Mr. Jang.

Photo shows PAL director Harry C. Tan (2nd from right) presenting Solanoy a plaque and complimentary PAL ticket in the presence of PAL deputy CEO Henry So Uy (right), PAL president Jaime J. Bautista (2nd from left) and Excellent Workers operations manager Jojo Murao (left).

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  1. I wish the same could've happened to us. My son left his ipod touch (almost brand new, 4th generation) in the seat 23A pocket of our PR 512 flight from Singapore (July 30). We followed up and never got it back. Could it still be there? Has any of the cleaners of Excellent Workers seen the object?