PhilippineAirlines: PAL Statement on Resignation of Pilots

Philippine Airlines today (31 July 2010) apologized to its inconvenienced passengers affected by the disruption of several PAL flights due to inadequate flight deck crew to fly its Airbus A320 airplanes.

The indiscriminate resignation of PAL's A320 pilots for flying jobs abroad whose salaries PAL is unable to match, is in violation of their contracts with PAL as well pertinent government regulations that require resigning pilots to give PAL six months prior notice to be able to train their replacements.

PAL will soon file appropriate charges against pilots who chose not to report for work immediately after submitting resignation letters. Most of the pilots still owe PAL the cost of their aviation school training, which run into millions of pesos per pilot.

PAL is currently adjusting its schedules by merging some flights, upgrading aircraft to a bigger type in order and fielding of management pilots to lessen the inconvenience to affected passengers.

For updates on flight status, passengers may call the PAL hotline at 855-8888.


  1. PAL should be blamed since they have a lot of money and they dont compensate pilots properly.

  2. I just need to add something here that I hope will be brought to PAL admins attention. This is a letter that was sent by one of their loyal customers, it is sad but just like all of us we want to this issue resolved ASAP!!!

    To Whom it May Concern:

    As a concerned consumer and loyal customer of Philippines Airlines I must question some of it's policies. The pilots are trying to improve their standard of living by seeking a change in employment and who could blame them. In law when a person makes a decision which is deemed unfair and one-sided it could be consider as being made under duress. Whilst PAL has truly done some great things over the years; is it conceivable, asking someone to provide six months notice before they resign? Sure they may have accepted the contract when they were looking for a job; but where is the mutual benefit. The employee will find it near impossible to find another job if they must wait six months and the employment market is not that flexible for an employer to wait six months for a new hire and PAL understands that. The reason a rule like that is in place, can only be to serve the employer; it restricts free choice, competition and amounts to forced servitude. Just because you have a contract does not make it fair and just!

    Which brings me to my point:

    Why does the airline double charge and triple charge (No show fee, refund fee and rebooking fee) customers for changes. What happened to the days when there was the change fee? It's not fair and it seems like an unfair trade practice and the fact that other airlines are doing the same; gives cause for concern.

    Maybe the DOTC should investigate the unfair trade practices and price fixing within the airline industry, and the Department of Labor should look into the contracts of the Pilots.

    At the end of the day we all want to be treated fairly!