Philippine Airlines:PAL confirms 'regret' letter, but does not condone utterances, nor sides with Rep. Magsaysay

Philippine Airlines (PAL) today (Jan. 18) confirmed that it wrote a letter in response to the complaint filed by Mrs. Attala Magsaysay after her husband, Congressman Eulogio Magsaysay, had a verbal altercation with one of PAL's customer service agents (CSAs) last Dec. 17.

In that letter, PAL conveyed its "sincerest regrets" for the Magsaysay family's disappointment over the "manner by which our CSA responded to his request regarding seat assignment."

PAL also told Mrs. Magsaysay that the airline has referred her complaint to the appropriate department for investigation.

PAL, as a matter of practice, responds to customer complaints. After all, as a service company, PAL believes that all its employees must accord its customers the best possible service both on ground and in flight.

We must stress however that the PAL management does not condone nor sides with Cong. Magsaysay for whatever utterances he made against Ms. Sarah Bonnin Ocampo.

Ms. Bonnin-Ocampo, who has been with PAL for 18 years, has every right to file cases before the Ombudsman and the House Ethics Committee. We would rather not comment further as the matter is now sub judice and formally under investigation.

Internally, PAL is reviewing the case and will be coming out, in the coming days, with its findings and recommendations on how best to serve its customers and prevent similar incidents in the future.- Philippine Airlines