Local Promos for May 2012

I bet you are looking for some special promos now from PAL!

Well, you are so lucky!!!

Mind the travel dates. This promo is good for travel from June 13 to September 30, 2012.

So  if you are attending or planning something on those dates, then this is your perfect opportunity already!

PAL's  special sale treat to our passengers going to domestic destinations! Valid on PR operated flights only! 

Sales and Ticketing Period: 18 to 22 May 2012

Promo From Manila To Asia

Are you planning to go somewhere in ASIA?

Is Bali, Shanghai, Jakarta, Tokyo, Macau, Hongkong, Bangkok, Singapore, Osaka, Xiamen just part of your travel itinerary?

Or you want to visit Melbourne, Guam, Delhi, or Sydney?

Then definitely, you should check these promos for you.

Enjoy this promo for flights from Manila/Cebu to selected PAL online points. 

Valid for sale from 18 to 22 May 2012 only.  
Where to BUY tickets?

Book and buy through www.philippineairlines.com using MasterCard, Visa or JCB credit card. 

Airline Promo 2012: PAL Midnight Sale Special

Philippine Airlines Midnight Sale Special runs from 7:00pm Saturday until 7:00am Sunday (Manila time).

Catch us this coming weekend for exciting offers! Valid only at www.philippineairlines.com.
Limited seats only!

Round trip
(YQ) +
FIESTA (ECONOMY) CLASS Minimum/Maximum days:
 Delhi – No minimum stay/14 days
 All other destinations – 2 days/8 days
Fare Family: Fiesta Deal
Fare Basis: UWEBNYTX
10May-15Jul12 USD 198.00 USD 200.00 USD 398.00
Bangkok01Jun-15Jul12THB 3,800.00THB 4,590.00THB 8,390.00
Beijing01-30Jun12CNY 1,000.00CNY 790.00CNY 1,790.00
Delhi15May-30Jun12INR 10,000.00INR 19,947.00INR 29,947.00
Hong Kong   01-30Jun12 HKD 690.00*HKD 626.00 HKD 1,316.00 
Ho Chi Minh
01Jun-15Jul12USD 98.00USD 138.00USD 236.00
Jakarta01Jun-15Jul12USD 98.00USD 169.00USD 267.00
Macau15May-30Jun12 MOP 620.00MOP 590.00 MOP 1,210.00
 Xiamen08May-30Jun12CNY 700.00CNY 690.00CNY 1,390.00
Shanghai01-30Jun12 CNY 900.00CNY 790.00CNY 1,690.00
Singapore01Jun-15Jul12SGD 68.00SGD 184.00SGD 262.00
Taipei15May-30Jun12TWD 2,300.00TWD 2,054.00TWD 4,354.00
MABUHAY (BUSINESS) CLASS Minimum/Maximum days:
 Delhi – No minimum stay/6 months
 All other destinations – 2 days/8 days
Fare Family: Mabuhay Classic
Fare Basis: ZWEBNYTX
10May-15Jul12USD 738 USD 200 USD938 
Bangkok01Jun-15Jul12THB 12,648.00THB 4,590.00THB 17,238.00
Beijing01-30Jun12CNY 4,000.00CNY 790.00CNY 4,790.00
Delhi15May-30Jun12 INR 32,000.00 INR 23,033.00 INR 55,033.00
Hong Kong 01-30Jun12 HKD 2,290.00*HKD 626.00 HKD 2,916.00 
Ho Chi Minh
01Jun-15Jul12USD 408.00USD 138.00USD 546.00
Jakarta01Jun-15Jul12USD 498.00USD 169.00USD 667.00
Macau15May-30Jun12MOP 2,350.00MOP 590.00MOP 2,940.00
Xiamen08May-30Jun12CNY 2,500.00CNY 690.00CNY 3,190.00
Shanghai01-30Jun12CNY 3,750.00CNY 790.00CNY 4,540.00
Singapore01Jun-15Jul12 SGD 698.00SGD 184.00SGD 882.00
Taipei15May-30Jun12TWD 10,500.00 TWD 2,054.00 TWD 12,554.00 


-Fares are based in the currency of the country of departure
-Fares are INCLUSIVE of surcharges and estimated taxes. Other airport fees and charges are not included.
-Fare amounts are subject to change due to conversion rates.    

PAL Promo 2012: Corporate Sales

Check this out for PAL Corporate Circle! If you are a corporation and would like to avail some promos and discounts, this is for you!

Be one of the elite and join PAL Corporate Circle’s growing family of 2,000 top corporations in the industry. Registration is hassle-free. Simply accomplish the registration form and forward to PAL Corporate Sales for profiling. No set of qualifications and/or eligibility requirements are necessary. And as an added service, submission of the registration form automatically includes you to email blasts of the latest products and services of PAL.

As a full-service carrier, PAL now has special promos and travel packages customized to companies with employees requiring frequent travel, either individually or as a group, and complemented by PAL's frequent flyer rewards program and world-class cabin service.

The list of corporate clients continues to grow, indicating satisfaction with PAL's new concepts and product enhancements exclusively designed for frequent flying companies.

To know more how your company can avail of the special corporate program, get in touch with the PAL Corporate Sales Team.

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