Feedback from a PAL Passenger

Sharing this very heart-warming story from our passenger. Very touching. In deed, you can never go wrong with PAL.

Check this story shared to us by one of our Google Plus follower.

From Mr. Alfonso Ting:

It was 3 years way back as far as I can remember,
I am with an aged man (96 years old) seated beside
me on our flight to Xiamen via PAL from MNL Station.
He is the same man who shared me a story on how
He wishes to visit His home land before retiring way
back quite years from present day. Now, he is already
aged and needs assistance thru the use of a wheelchair.
Thanks for the services that was rendered by Philippine
and also for their hospitable approach with
their customers/passengers. As I was given a chance to
be with this man, PAL accommodated us thru a LIFT
in boarding their Spacious A320. It was that time how
I felt how PAL personnel treated us very special. Now,
that aged man has passed away. He is named Ting
Bun Tiat, the man whom I treasured since childhood.
A man who is more than a Father to me, I am His
youngest son. I thanked Philippine Airlines for that
wonderful experience and am now a service
personnel of this airline here in Mindanao.
Thank you PAL!