PAL Boutique Christmas Sale!

Pal Promo Fares: Are you familiar of the Philippine Airlines Boutique? It's one unique online shop that PAL has set for those who wants to buy memorabilia or airline item exclusives. It features lifestyle merchandise from different travel deals in hotels, car rentals, vacation stays, recreation packages, accessories, gadgets and fashion pieces. Since, its the holiday season, what a great way to treat your family, friends, love ones or yourself for something special through the airline's Boutique online shop. It's currently offering a 50% off on select items. There are also surprise freebies that you can get!

This Christmas Sale is only until December 31, so hurry and shop now at!

*P1,000, P,000, ad P3,000 single receipt spends should consist of PAL Exclusive items only.

Promo Fares 2018 for PAL

PAL Promo Fares 2018: A few days left before Christmas! And there is one thing we should be merry about. Philippine Airlines just launched their Christmas Seat Sale for next year, 2018 travel. How is that? If you have not bought any presents yet for your loved ones, you can buy them a plane ticket with you to your favorite destinations. Just to let you know, the cheapest fare you can get is Php 924. That is from Clark (Pampanga) to Masbate! That's really below a thousand peso fare!

Of course, don't get stuck in there, scroll down below for other cheaper fares for some select destinations especially coming from Clark, Cebu, Davao and Manila! We would also suggest to take note of the travel period for some certain flights. All details is already laid out for you.

There are a number of domestic flights currently on promo with their corresponding availability for travel. Find out the possibilities to avail such Holiday Seat Sale from PAL! A tip, if you are coming from Cebu, going to Boracay will only cost you Php 1k for a 1-way fare! Are you ready? Here it is:

PAL Ultimate Sale 2018

Pal Promo Fares 2018: How's your travel bucket list last year? Where you able to fulfill it? Here's a holiday treat from the flag carrier, Philippine Airlines. Introducing the Ultimate Seat Sale! Expect really low fares that you can book. Some cheaper fares for one way, some are for a round trip! That's definitely something to look forward to! For as low as 70% off!


Selling Period: November 20-26, 2017
Travel Period: January 16-September 30, 2018

Pal Loves Marawi Promo Fares

Pal Promo Fares: As the country's flag carrier, Philippine Airlines is more than happy to express its love for Marawi but offering cheaper fares to near-by city of Marawi which is Cagayan de Oro city. With this, an affordable plane ticket fare going to the city of Golden Friendship is within your reach and you could visit love ones who might seek refuge in nearby towns. A flight from Davao to CDO will cost you Php 688 as one way base fare. So far, is the cheapest base fare you can get when you fly to the city.

Other promos come from Cebu for one-way base fare of Php 788 and if you are coming from the capital, Manila, the base fare of a PAL ticket is at Php 988. #PusoParaSaMarawi

Please take note of the following details:

Booking period: October 29 to November 10, 2017.
Travel period: Until December 14, 2017.

Travel with the airline that celebrates the Heart of the Filipino.

If you miss family members, friends and love ones affected by the recent crisis in Marawi, you may show you love and affection by physically being with them. It just take a flight away to be with them. Grab this opportunity of a cheaper Pal Promo Fare.

Pal Promo Fare To and From Cebu 2018

Pal Promo Fares 2018: To those who are living in the Mindanao region and wish to travel to the Visayas island like in Cebu, this is good news to you! Philippine Airlines has just maintained daily flight schedules to these destinations: Camiguin, Siargao, Legazpi and Ozamiz. Well those in the Bicol region in Legazpi will also have the opportunity. And again, the frequency of flights is daily. Travel of the said new Cebu flights will commence on December 1, 2017. It's just a few months from now. And we highly suggest you make your decision now to book a flight and take advantage of a cheaper fare. The cheapest plane ticket is this roll of Pal Promo Fares is a flight from Ozamiz to Cebu at Php 1506 only!

Booking period: Until March 15, 2018
Travel period: December 1, 2017 to March 15, 2018

Now if you are ready to check the entire Cebu flights introduced by PAL, you may need to continue reading below. Mind that the airline will be using the newest Bombardier aircrafts.

Promo Fares from Cebu, Davao and Manila!

PAL Promo Fares: Fellow plane passengers and jet setters, eyes here! It's about time for a BER-y Merry X-mas courtesy of no other than the flag carrier, Philippine Airlines as it introduces their PALmazing Deals the the BER months special. Promo deals are both available for domestic and international flights. So which destinations are currently on promo? There is only one way to find out. Let's scroll down below.

Travel period is from October 16 to December 31, 2017.

Book now until October 22, 2017.

Fly the way you deserve with PAL’s full service flights at surprisingly affordable fares.

Direct Flights from Clark and Promo Fares

Pal Promo Fares 2018: At almost the end of the 3rd quarter of the year, the flag carrier, Philippine Airlines (PAL) introduces new adventures for their passengers with flights direct to Bacolod, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro, and Batanes (Basco) from Clark in Pampanga. Book your flights now, here!

Pal fly from Clark to Batanes (Basco) 4x weekly starting October 1, 2016, Bacolod 4x weekly and Bohol (Tagbilaran) daily, soon starting on December 15, 2017, and Cagayan De Oro 3x weekly too starting on December 16,2017!

Philippine Airlines also fly to Boracay (Caticlan), Cebu, Coron (Busuanga), Puerto Princesa, Davao and Seoul (Incheon).

When you book a plane ticket with Philippine Airlines, you get to enjoy a free baggage allowance, of course, free inflight snacks, the ample legroom and definitely, a heartfelt service by the crews. Since, you don't need to go to NAIA, a shorter way is through Clark (Pampanga). And you can definitely visit these core places with beautiful tourist attractions like no other.

Daily flights from Manila to London Route this 2017

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PAL Promo Fares: In a recent press release from Philippine Airlines, it will start to launch their daily flights from Manila to London (Heathrow) with their state-of-the-art 370 seater Boeing 777-300s. The start of operation will be happening this coming September 19, 2017. So expect that the flag carrier will also offer a Pal promo fare for the said route in the coming weeks to come. Keep checking this page for that information for more details.

With the introduction of the Boeing 777, it is expected that Filipinos or all passengers on board the aircraft bound to UK will have a premium flight experience.

It is said that by the end of the year, instead of the then flying 4x weekly to the said cities, it will be increasing its frequency to a daily flight in which passengers will have a variety of options to select a flight with Philippine Airlines.

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them.  

Bohol to Cebu PAL Promo

PAL Promo Fares: Last month in June, Philippine Airlines has released a promo fare for those traveling from Cebu to Bohol. This time, the airline has introduced another promo fare of Php 825 from those coming from Tagbilaran (Bohol) to Cebu as it unveiled their new daily flights with the said route with their Airbus 320 that started June 23, 2017. Boholanos can definitely enjoy an island trip with just a plane ride going the the Queen city of the South, Cebu. The Visayan metropolis is leading in commercial, housing and state-of-the-art infrastructure to form its cityscape. But not only that, it has wonderful beaches just minutes away from the city! What an ultimate escape from the bustling city.

Just like the island of Bohol. Cebu also boasts some tourist attractions  with its crystal clear beaches and world-class resorts, flower garden in Sirao, Celosia Flower Farm and the Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden. And if you want to see the sea giants, the whale sharks, you can head-bound to Oslob at the Southern part of Cebu.

Cebu to Tagbilaran Promo

Philippine Airline Promo: If you plan to visit the Philippines particularly in the Visayas region, don't miss to check out CEBU as well as its nearby island, shall we say, the sister island, Bohol. Philippine Airlines just launched their newest promo offering and a daily flight form CEBU to TAGBILARAN (city of Bohol) starting on June 22, 2017. All passengers will take onboard an Airbus A320. Of course, we have written a lot of things about Bohol and its numerous tourist attractions here in our blog several times. But we will be glad to iterate it again for you!

So when in Bohol what will be the things you can find and the activities you can do?

Excited for PAL's New Premium Economy Class?

Phil Airlines: If you are a frequent traveler with Philippine Airlines, you might be grateful of this offering that PAL has just announced about their NEW Premium Economy Class. If you often book for a budget ticket due to regular business trip visits from one place to another, then, it will not just cost you a big sum of money on travel expenses but you also want to experience a comfy trip going to your destinations. Good thing, Phil Airlines thought of something better for the savvy traveler.

So with the newest offering of the airlines, one can be assured of a relaxing premium seats inside an exclusive cabin and get the luxury to enjoy the add on amenities for you to experience. It's about time that you deserve better with your trips on board Philippine Airlines. PAL's NEW Premium Economy Class will definitely make you feel extra special as their valued clients. If you are a MABUHAY miles card holder, then, this is the best thing to ever use it as well. 

PAL Independence Day Seat Sale!

PAl Promo Fares: Starting today, June 8 to June 15, 2017, Philippine Airlines announced of their Independence Day seat sale of low fares! You will have more reasons to book your tickets with PAL because of its FREE checked-in baggage allowance, inflight snacks for domestic fights, hot means for international flights and a lot of legroom in the plane. The Travel Period: July 1, 2017 to March 15, 2018. The cheapest fare you book is flight coming from Clark to Cebu for only Php 1260. With a Travel Period: Sep 1-Dec 10, 2017; Jan 16-Mar 15, 2018. Just be mindful of these dates! Also do watch out for international routes with cheaper fares for as low as USD 120! Go read down below for all the details you might need. 


Travel Period: Sep 1-Dec 10, 2017; Jan 16-Mar 15, 2018

PHP 1,260

Pal introduces new flights from CEBU!

Philippine Airlines Promo: This 2017, expect Phil Airlines to be bring more NEW routes to bring us all closer to our fave destinations. Starting with local flights coming from CEBU, the Queen City of the South. This is a DAILY flight schedule going to the following destinations: Clark, Puerto Princesa, General Santos and Surigao.

We thought this is a very perfect offering from PAL. A lot of Cebuanos are traveling either for a business trip or vacation. So it is just right for Philippine Airlines (PAL) to really come up with these new flight routes. Of course, expect a PROMO fare too! Why don't we check it below?

* Cebu to Clark vv. flies 4x weekly from January 30 – March 25, 2017

Daily flights to Seoul from Tagbilaran

Philippine Airline Promo: There is still a lot of reasons to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol amidst the latest issues that the island faced the past weeks. Philippine Airlines (PAL) just announced that Boholanos can now enjoy a non-stop flight going to Seoul (Incheon) and vice-versa. By the time the calendar hits June 22, 2017, expect daily flights for as low as USD 421 all-in, round trip plane ticket to and from Tagbilaran and Seoul. That is definitely good news for the Filipinos and those living in the Visayas region. It will definitely be a tourism boost to both Tagbilaran and Seoul.


If seeing the iconic cherry blossoms that is found all over Seoul coloring the city with pink, then, this is your time to travel and see it for yourself.

PAL Airlines Newest Flight Schedules

Phil Airlines- To our dear readers and fellow travelers, Philippine Airlines has opened new flight schedules coming from Clark as the base station. Feel connected to some of the key cities of the country and top tourist destination this summer and the rest of the year. PAL has offered a direct flights to Boracay via Caticlan and Coron via Busuanga. So if you hailed from Clark, Pampanga you will be lucky to enjoy these great flight offerings.


Non-stop flights from Cebu

Pal Airlines: Can't get over with your summer escapade and you're now thinking of your next summer vacation around the world? Well, it's great if you are coming from CEBU as Philippine Airlines has just released a statement of their non-stop flights from the Queen city of the South, Cebu to these cities: Nagoya, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, Osaka and Seoul. How exciting is that?


Pal Promo from Cebu 2017

Philippine Airline Promo: Starting last March 26, 2017, Philippine Airlines has introduced new routes coming from the Queen City of the South, Cebu! The cheapest fare you can get is Php 1300. You can now visit Clark, General Santos, Coron, Puerto Princesa or Surigao. And these are daily flights to you can actually plan your trip at any day at all! But for Clark, it's only four times a week. So keep that in mind as well!

When you travel with PAL, you get free baggage allowance, snacks, meals and a service with a heart. There are a lot of things to do in Clark, talk about hot air balloons and the pampanga cuisine that is famous in our Filipino palate. And if TUNA is your thing, a visit to General Santos city would be appropriate and it's really very affordable when you buy there!

Philippine Airlines' or PAL's 76th Anniversary Sale!

Philippine Airline Promo: What are you waiting for? In line with Philippine Airlines' 76th Anniversary, a seat sale is launched which PAL is happy to announce. Book your flights now at You will have the chance to travel to different tourist attraction or perhaps, revisit places you've been to. PAL is hoping that you book your plane fares and write your own stories of adventure. With Philippine Airlines, you get to have free meals while on flight and a baggage allowance along your journey. So you can carry stuffs close to you heart when you travel.

Phil Airlines Summer Travel Essentials for 2017

Philippine Airline Promo: It will be a long day and we will have more sun exposure because it's now the start of SUMMER! Yes, March is here and we can now feel the summer heat. More or less, a lot of us now plans for a summer vacation or staycation, perhaps! But it's nice to really travel and visit some tourist destination that we have never been to! And of course, we should consider stuffs to bring or our travel essentials.



Philippine Airline Promo 2017 from Cebu

Pal Airlines:  This year 2017, Philippine Airlines has launched its new routes coming from Cebu to some select Philippine destinations like Clark, General Santos, Puerto Princesa and Coron (Busuanga). A month after from now, starting March 26, 2017, the new routes will begin its flight. Of course, PAL promises a daily schedule with these domestic destinations. Therefore, Cebuanos will have more options now to fly with PAL and enjoy traveling to places like Pampanga or Palawan.

One can use their Mabuhal miles card to earn points with Philippine Airlines when booking their plane tickets. Enjoy 10kg free baggage allowance, free snacks, ample legroom, and heartfelt service. Plus, get to save on time and other costs as we take you more conveniently around the Philippines and the world via Cebu!


Hong Kong to Manila Promo Fare 2017

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: Grab the chance to discover the beauty of the Philippines with our PALmazing Deals, our seat sale every weekend! Come, visit and check the mesmerizing capital of the Philippines, Manila. But of course, you can check the many wonderful places and cities of the country with Manila as your point of entry. And if you are an OFW who wishes to go back to the Philippines, this your chance to book yourself a ticket! We are very sure, your love ones will be much happy when they see you home!


PAL Promo: Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway 2017

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: Start 2017 with an escapade like no other! Start earning MILES but simply converting your credit card points when you Shop, Dine, Drive and Unwind just in time for the Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway! You get 40% OFF when you use your MILES! How is that for a treat to yourself? That's a huge savings that you can get! Do watch out for the Booking period. You can actually travel for as early as February 1, 2017 until March 20, 2017 only.  You may refer below for the mechanics and other details.


Philippine Airlines: New flights From Clark

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: PAL Clark hub gears up for new flights to Cebu, Davao, Puerto Princesa. After opening Clark – Boracay (Caticlan) – Cebu and Clark-Incheon flights in mid-December 2016 and first week of January 2017, respectively, Philippine Airlines is ramping up operations in its Central Luzon hub.


Starting January 30, 2017, PAL will begin operating non-stop flights between Clark and Cebu four times weekly (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday). PR837 departs Clark at 7AM and arrives in Cebu at 8:15AM; PR838 leaves Cebu at 8:55AM and touches down in Clark at 10:10AM.

Cebu to Clark PAL Promo 2017

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: Planning for the most romantic date this coming Valentine's Season? PAL just released a promo fare for Clark coming from Cebu. And if you want a different kind of Valentine experience with your one and only Love or even with family while in Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, it will be the best special day affair. Now take advantage of this promo and book your tickets now. Php 1672 is an All-in One-way fare. So, what are you waiting for? Head to PAL's website and get your tickets now.

Here's a tip: Go over-the-top and hop on a breathtaking hot air balloon ride with your significant other and even your friends! Don't miss the 21st Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga on February 9-12, 2017.