Daily flights to Seoul from Tagbilaran

Philippine Airline Promo: There is still a lot of reasons to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol amidst the latest issues that the island faced the past weeks. Philippine Airlines (PAL) just announced that Boholanos can now enjoy a non-stop flight going to Seoul (Incheon) and vice-versa. By the time the calendar hits June 22, 2017, expect daily flights for as low as USD 421 all-in, round trip plane ticket to and from Tagbilaran and Seoul. That is definitely good news for the Filipinos and those living in the Visayas region. It will definitely be a tourism boost to both Tagbilaran and Seoul.


If seeing the iconic cherry blossoms that is found all over Seoul coloring the city with pink, then, this is your time to travel and see it for yourself.
Of course, get the feel and close up experience with some of the K-Pop fashion finds you pick in the city. Of course, for the love of Korean food. Say hello to Kimchi, Bulgogi and Bibimbap! It's about time the Boholanos, the Filipinos fly with PAL!

And of course, if you come from Seoul,  the island of Bohol has a lot to wonder. One of the world's wonders, the Chocolate hills are found in Bohol. Enjoy its magnificent mountain view. Plus, the world's smallest primates, the tarsiers are only endemic in Bohol! So do check that out. Just a few things you can check. 

Feel free to share this news update especially if you're staying in Bohol! Take note, flights are daily! And if you don't have credit cards to book a ticket online, don't worry! There are a lot of online travel agencies now that caters to you. They welcome payment thru bank to bank transactions, Paypal, Cebuana, ML Kwarta padala, Palawan, LBC, Western Union, Xoom and a lot more. In Cebu, we recommend, iFLy Travels. You can check this online Cebu Travel Agency through these details:

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