Cebu to Tagbilaran Promo

Philippine Airline Promo: If you plan to visit the Philippines particularly in the Visayas region, don't miss to check out CEBU as well as its nearby island, shall we say, the sister island, Bohol. Philippine Airlines just launched their newest promo offering and a daily flight form CEBU to TAGBILARAN (city of Bohol) starting on June 22, 2017. All passengers will take onboard an Airbus A320. Of course, we have written a lot of things about Bohol and its numerous tourist attractions here in our blog several times. But we will be glad to iterate it again for you!

So when in Bohol what will be the things you can find and the activities you can do?
Chocolate Hills- the province of Bohol is known for their wonderful natural land formation known to be chocolate hills. Visually, it looks like a mountain of chocolates! That's how it got its name! And definitely unique in Bohol area. According to the official count of the no. of hills, there are around 1,776 within the area.

Tarsiers- these little animals are known to be the world's tiniest primates and it can be found in Bohol too!

Beaches- the island of Bohol boasts a number of white sand beaches and resorts. You can check Panglao Beach resort in Panglao Island. And the newest white sand beach that is thought to be still a virgin resort is in Anda. You can also check other world hotels when you visit the island. There is Henann Beach resort in Alona and The Bellevue resorts Hotel.

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CAB Approval No. 1179-06-13-S2017
ASC Reference Code P095P062017P

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