Excited for PAL's New Premium Economy Class?

Phil Airlines: If you are a frequent traveler with Philippine Airlines, you might be grateful of this offering that PAL has just announced about their NEW Premium Economy Class. If you often book for a budget ticket due to regular business trip visits from one place to another, then, it will not just cost you a big sum of money on travel expenses but you also want to experience a comfy trip going to your destinations. Good thing, Phil Airlines thought of something better for the savvy traveler.

So with the newest offering of the airlines, one can be assured of a relaxing premium seats inside an exclusive cabin and get the luxury to enjoy the add on amenities for you to experience. It's about time that you deserve better with your trips on board Philippine Airlines. PAL's NEW Premium Economy Class will definitely make you feel extra special as their valued clients. If you are a MABUHAY miles card holder, then, this is the best thing to ever use it as well. 
There are selected flights where you can avail PAL's NEW Premium Economy Class seat:

For June: Flight to Honolulu

For July: Melbourne (Australia) and Shanghai (China)

For August: Sydney (Australia)

For September: Hong Kong

For October: Narita (Japan)

For November: Haneda and Osaka (Japan)

For December: Singapore

So take note of the above-mentioned destinations and the months when you can avail the new seat classification on board Airbus A330. In other words, there are different travel period per destination as it varies. Plan you trips well and the schedules are will definitely allow you to choose the cities to fly into.

You may use your Mastercard credit card when booking your plane ticket with Philippine Airlines. Book now here.

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