PAL Promo Year End Sale 2018

Pal Promo Fare: This is the moment that all of us is waiting for! Philippine Airlines is happy to announce their Year End Sale from November 10 to 25, 2018! It is now the right time to plan for our 2019 trips, relaxation, vacation, travels, leisure and a lot more. Both domestic and international routes are on Pal promo! And yes, it is a sale for a ONE WAY fare only. So keep that in mind too!

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Travel period for domestic flights is from January 1 to September 30, 2019. Travel period for international flights is from January 16 to September 30, 2019.



Selling Period: November 10 – 25, 2018

Travel Period: January 1 – September 30, 2019

*Valid on select flights:

Manila to Puerto Princesa - PR/2P 2787/2782/1197/1198

Manila to Bacolod - PR/2P 2129/2130,2137/2138,2135/2136

Manila to Cebu - PR/ 1841/1842/1857/1858/1871/1872/1869/1856/ 2867/2868/2835/1836/1835/1867/2841/2857/ 2869/2871/2836/1868/2842/2858/2856/2872/2880/1843/1844/2865/2866

Manila to Dumaguete - PR/2P 2541/2542

Manila to Iloilo - PPR2139/2140, PR2147/2148

Manila to Tacloban - PR 2987/2988

Manila to Cagayan De Oro - PR/2P 2529/2530

"Manila to Davao - PR/2P 1809/1810/PR2809/2810

PR/2P 1819/1820/PR2819/2820

PR/2P 1823/1824/PR2823/2824

PR/2P 1825/1808/PR2825/2808"

Clark to Siargao - PR/2P 2877/2878



Selling Period: November 10 – 25, 2018

Travel Period: January 16 – September 30, 2019

Manila to Bangkok - PR732/733

Manila to Beijing - PR360/361

Manila to Hongkong - PR318/312/310, PR307/311/301

Manila to Jakarta - PR539/540

Manila to Melbourne-PR207/208

Manila to Osaka - PR408/407

Manila to Singapore - PR509/508

Manila to Taipei - PR894/891 (Travel from January 16 to March 30, 2019); PR894/895 (Travel from April 1 to September 30, 2019)

Manila to Tokyo (Haneda) - PR424/423

Manila to Tokyo (Narita) - PR432/431

**Valid on specific day of week

Cebu to General Santos - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

General Santos to Cebu - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


Booking Period: November 10 - 25, 2018

Travel Period: January 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

Blackout Dates Summary: OUTBOUND: MNL/CRK/CEB/DVO: Feb 21 - 23, Apr 1 - May 31,  Aug 08 - 10, Aug 22 - 24. CEB: Jan 20 - 22. KLO: Jan 20 - 22, May 1 - 2. ILO: Jan 27 - 29, Feb 17 - 19. TAC: Jun 28 - Jul 02. PPS: Jun 23 - 25. TAG: Jul 21 - 23. DVO: Aug 18 - 20. GES: Sep 08 - 10. LGP/WNP: Sep 15 - 17. IAO: Sep 22 - 30. ILO to GES: Jan 27 - 29, Feb 17 - 19. INBOUND: MNL/CRK/CEB/DVO: Jan 1 - 12, Feb 25 - 27, Apr 1 – May 31, Aug 12 - 14, Aug 26 - 28. CEB: Jan 17-19. KLO: Jan 17 - 19, Apr 29 - 30. ILO: Jan 24 - 26, Feb 14 - 16. TAC: Jun 20 - 28. PPS: Jun 20 - 22. TAG: Jul 18 - 20. DVO: Aug 15 - 17. GES: Sep 05 - 07. LGP/WNP: Sep 12 - 14. IAO: Sep 19 - 28. ILO from GES: Jan 24 - 26 / Feb 14 - 16.

1. Seats are subject to availability.

2. Fares quoted are exclusive of government taxes, fees, ticketing service charge and surcharges.

3. Economy tickets are non-refundable. Economy Plus is refundable with a fee of php1000 per sector inclusive of 12% VAT and Business Class refundable for a fee of php1200 per sector inclusive of 12% VAT.

4. Tickets are rebookable for a fee of PHP2500 per sector inclusive of 12% VAT, Economy Plus is allowed to rebook without a fee and Business class is allowed to rebook at PHP1200 per sector inclusive of 12% VAT. Collect applicable fare difference.

5. Subject to no show Fee of PHP1,500 per sector inclusive of 12%VAT. For reissuance, ticket is considered No Show if not reissued at least 4 hours prior to flight departure or if passenger fails to check-in on time. For Refund, ticket is considered No Show if reservation/booking is not cancelled 4 hrs prior to flight departure.

6. Weekend surcharge of PHP100 for Friday/Saturday departure from Cebu/Clark/Davao hub and PHP100 for Sunday/Monday departure to Cebu/Clark/Davao hub.

7. No child, senior citizen, PWD, student and military discount. Infant fare for infant without a seat under 2 years is 10% of adult fare.

8. Early Show is not allowed for Economy.

9. Mileage accrual - 10% for Economy , 125% for Economy Plus and Business Class.

10. Baggage Allowance - Fare is inclusive of 7kg handcarried baggage.

a. Economy: to/from Manila - 10kg baggage allowance

to/from Clark/Cebu/Davao: No baggage allowance

b. Economy Plus : 25kgs

c. Business Class : 30kgs

11. Other travel conditions apply.


Booking Period: November 10 - 25, 2018

Travel Period: January 16, 2019 - September 30, 2019

1. Seats are subject to availability. Seasonality and blackout dates apply.

2. Fares quoted are exclusive of government taxes, fees, ticketing service charge and surcharges. Taxes and charges are subject to change with or without prior notice by the authority.

3. Minimum and Maximum stay are as follows: For Economy ASEAN/HKG/MFM/TPE/CN/JPN - 2D/14D; GUM-2D/1M; US/CA /AKL/AU/POM - 3D/1M; LON-3D/3M; ME-2D/2M; KR- max stay of 30DAYS; Premium Economy: ASEAN/HKG/JPN-2D/1M; AKL/AU - 3D/2M; US/CA/LON - 3D/3M; Economy Plus-ME-2D/2M/KR- max stay of 12M; For Business Class, GUM/ASEAN/HKG/MFM/­TPE/CN/JPN- 3D/1M; AKL/AU/POM - 3D/2M; US/CA/LON - 7D/3M; ME-2D/2M;KR- max stay of 12M.

4. No Show fee for US/CA/LON is USD125 and USD75 for all other sectors.

5. Ticket is non-transferable.

6. Ticket is non-refundable for Economy. Refund for totally unused ticket is allowed subject to: USD100 for US/LON; and USD25 for All Other Routes on Premium Economy; USD150 for US/CA/LON and USD100 for GUM/Other Routes on Business Class. Refund for partially used ticket is allowed subject to: USD100 for US/LON and USD75 for All Other Routes on Premium Economy; All other partially used Business Class tickets are non-refundable except Korea with a fee of USD100.

7. Tickets are rebookable for a fee. For Economy: AU/NZ/GUM-USD200; HKG/MFM/TPE/CN/ID/PG/ME and Japan-USD150; BKK/SIN/SGN/KUL-USD125; US/CA-USD300 ; USD50 for Korea; LON-USD250. For Business Class: US/CA/LON -USD150;USD50 for Korea ; All other sectors-USD100. Tickets are rebookable without a fee for Premium Economy.

8. All Sectors : No child discount. Infant fare for infant without a seat is 20% of adult fare. Except Korea Child fare is 75% of adult's fare, Infant without seat is 10% of adult's fare.

9. Weekend surcharge on the outbound TH/FR/SA departures applies.

10. Mileage accrual is 10% on Economy, 125% for Premium Economy and Business Class.

11. Fare is inclusive of 7kg handcarried baggage. Free baggage allowance will vary per route.

12. Philippine Travel Tax is applicable to Philippine passport holders, foreigners holding a Philippine resident visa, and foreign tourists or expatriates who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one year.

13. Fare is refundable when application for visa is denied; subject to a fee. Passenger must show proof of application and denial at any PAL Ticket Office. Flight reservation must be cancelled upon passenger’s receipt of visa denial or 7 days prior to departure, whichever is earlier. For visa denial within 7 days prior to departure date, PAL will collect a No Show fee unless booking is cancelled 24 hours before departure date.

14. Other travel conditions apply.

Exclusive 5% discount on select Philippine Airlines (PAL) International Flights when you book online via using your PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Mastercard.

How to Avail:
Log on to
Select your journey type, origin & destination, travel dates and number of passenger (s)
Select Promo Code menu located below the Stopover/Multi-city option and enter the first six (6) digits of your PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Mastercard
Submit Search request by clicking the Search Flights button
Select your flight.  The discounted price will automatically be displayed below the original price - strikethrough in red
Input the name(s) of the passenger(s) and credit card details to complete the booking process.
An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the cardholder once booking has been successfully processed.

CAB Approval No. 3940-10-31-S2018

ASC P120P110818P

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