Book Now, Fly Now at Php 299 Base Fare!

Pal Promo Fare: The recent domestic seat sale with Philippines Airlines has just ended today, however, it again releases a new seat sale covering August 01 to October 31, 2019 travel period. Booking period is from July 22 to 28, 2019. So make sure your credit cards and computers/laptops are ready to grab the seat you ever wanted. The promo is on the "base fare". So where do you think you'll travel next? A solo trip, or with your partner or why not the whole fam?


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The cheapest domestic one-way fare is Php 299. It is a hundred less compared to the previous seat sale. We thought that this quote "good things come to those who wait" has been manifested with this newest PAL promo fare.

But if you are bound for an international trip, the most affordable ROUND TRIP ticket that you can avail is USD 89. That is on an economy base fare. Again, as a reminder, there will still be fees and taxes to be added to the 'base fare'

We will be updating this post with our good finds with this PAL seat sale promo. We will check it ourselves on how far this promo is real and authentic because that is what everyone would like to know. And we never fail to give that to all of you our readers and subscribers!

We hope you share this on your email and on your social media accounts. To family, friends and co-workers. Who knows? They are just looking for a promo fare to explore the world! And you can be of help.

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