PAL updates for APRIL 2020

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Philippine Airlines Promohas still been operating with their cargo flights carrying in essentials and transporting it to make sure the economy is still ongoing. Also, they are having special flights to other countries to repatriate stranded Filipinos back to the Philippines like their historical flight to Maldives.  And of course, flag carrier will introduce a new uniform that is like a PPE to protect their crews and employees of the aircraft to cope up with the demands of the 'new normal' in the travel industry for flight attendants.

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UPDATE AS OF April 27, 11:49AM: PAL have successfully completed their system maintenance. They are now ready to receive our requests once again.

In order to serve us better, MyPAL Request Hub is undergoing system maintenance until April 27, 12:00PM (noon, PH Time).

It is now ready to accept request once the maintenance work has been completed.

UPDATE AS OF April 25: Philippine Airlines flies to the island paradise of Maldives to pick up stranded Filipinos and bring them back to the Philippines. The airbus A330 landed in Male at 8:59 AM. At least 338 pinoys were able to return home to their motherland through a special flight PR8709.

The repatriation flight was arranged by the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA. It also made a new milestone in the history of the flag carrier as the flight took around 6 1/2 hours from Maldives to Manila.

The mission continues. Special PAL flights bring home our fellow Filipinos -- the flag carrier serves the nation while the world is on lockdown.

UPDATE AS OF April 25: Below shows the new cabin crew-look on PPE while manning the cargo flights ensuring the safe delivery of goods and essentials needed by the country in this very challenging times.

The mission continues. Our passionate PAL Cabin Crew keep cargo safe in the air.

UPDATE AS OF April 24: Since the start of the pandemic when passenger flights are suspended for both domestic and international routes, Philippine Airlines continued their transportation service for the shipment of vital PPEs, face masks, medical test kits, and a lot more essentials that would go to the various hospital and medical facilities of the country.

The mission continues. We continue to serve the nation even while the world is on lockdown by way of all-cargo international and domestic flights carrying essential medical supplies.

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  1. Have you got the updates for the current month? If so, please let us know, and we will check it out. Thanks. Kind Regards.

  2. Hi! Thanks for updating the situation! This is too bad, I'd say. It seems that there is no end of all this. I am looking forward to hearing from you!