Philippine Airlines Promo Most of the domestic travel bans have been lifted and our local airlines, like PAL are now allowed to operate. But only to a select destination. However, because we are adapting the new normal. There are now additional requirements before flying that all passengers must comply. Please carefully read below on what documents you need to bring or submit prior to going to the airport.

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Advisory No. 105

Updated as of August 14, 2020

We wish to remind our domestic and international passengers to check the latest travel requirements applicable to your places of origin and destination:

The use of Essential Oils when traveling

Essential Oils Cebu - It is obvious that in our current pandemic situation, flights are still canceled and airlines are not yet in operation for domestic travel or even international. However, we will soon adhere to the new normal when we travel. There will be a number of requirements to submit like health clearances, passes and other documents. Of course it will be mandatory to wear our face masks, face shields and definitely loads of immunity boosters for ourselves to keep ourselves safe from the virus.

This blog post is a diversion from its usual Philippine Airlines promo updates.  It will still be related to traveling preparation still. We will introduce you to Aromatherapy and the beneficial use of aromatic essential oils that have antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties and characteristics that could in a way be helpful with us.

Let us check what Aromatherapy is. Understanding it and how we can apply it on our day to day lifestyle for that holistic sense of well being affecting our mental, emotional and spiritual state. Of course, in Aromatherapy, only pure essential oils are used. A careful dosage and educated knowledge about it makes it interesting. Clinical studies have been currently conducted to check its efficacy.